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Time Flies | Pittsburgh Portrait Photographer – Emily Hixon Photography

Everyone always says it but you don’t always think about how true it is – time flies. Last summer, Scott and I headed over to a local park for some fun vintage style photos of ourselves and of his dad’s antique car for Father’s Day. We are always the ones behind the camera and never the ones in front. One gorgeous summer evening we packed up his dad’s car with an antique picnicking set and drove out to the park with the car! First, we got some really great photos of the car for Scott’s dad. Then, we set up the “picnic,”  threw the camera on a tripod, and let it fire away on a timer. It was so much fun! We will definitely be doing this again soon.

I never shared these photos on my blog. Although they are being posted over a year later, I still love them just as much! Enjoy 🙂

(Can you spot the little insulin pump on my right arm in this shot below??)

“KenKarta Battle of the Onoxmon” | Event Photography – Peters Township, PA

Last Friday, I was lucky enough to be asked to photograph a really great event. Local author Alison Kartevold held a book launch party for her newly released children’s fantasy novel “KenKarta Battle of the Onoxmon.”( The event was held at Peters Township Library. Alison was nice enough to have all book sale proceeds donated to the library. There was a fantastic turnout of what I heard to be over 300 people! It looks like KenKarta is off to a great start.

The evening included entertainment from The Much Ado Players, raffles, free book signing, tons of cupcakes and food, a book reading, viewing of Les Polinko’s book artwork and sculpted creatures, and finally an audiobook preview.

I ended up with somewhere around 200+ images from the evening. It was difficult to choose just a few to share. Enjoy your look into the KenKarta Book Launch Party.

The Studio | Individual Portrait Session – Eighty Four, PA

Those of you who have been following me since the beginning of my journey in photography may recognize this familiar face. My boyfriend Scott is currently in the process of getting together a professional website for his audio work. Because it has been a while since I’ve photographed him, he was in need of some new head shots and other photos. He is always so patient and easy to work with. He listens to my crazy ideas and even makes his own suggestions.

I am really excited for the release of his new website. When the time comes, I will share more information with you about it.

For now, here is a preview of what you will see on his website.


The Lantern, the Hat, and the Cup | Individual Portrait Session – Washington, PA

It’s been such a busy week! Now that I have a moment, it’s time for a new post.

I cannot believe how quickly the leaves are changing and falling.  Everyday I notice a tree in my yard that has either changed colors or lost its leaves. Fall is such a beautiful time of year but very short-lived.

Last weekend, I went out for round 2 of my photo session with Scott. Our session was  quick but fun! If the weather is nice again this weekend, I’ll be back out with him again and maybe even one of his friends.

I hope you enjoy this little sneak peak.

– More to come this weekend 🙂